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Welcome to the Compound!

The Compound Tarot had rather humble beginnings upon the pages of a Facebook group called Daughters of Divination. This group has very little to do with divination. We typically do work in divinatory tools and after a long day we find off beat humor that are just a perfect send off to the day.

To honor this group and as a fundraiser for BATS, the Bay Area Tarot Symposium, I drew up a deck that captured various nuances from the group. The deck has already sold out of the black and white version and the color version is in the making. There is also a coloring book to allow for one to have some fun.

Now. Off to go paint more!












When Tarot reflects a Facebook Group…

Over the past two years, I have been observing a delightful group on Facebook full of aspic, tutus, tiaras and the best batty gothic apparel.  This group has formed an almost subworld within the realm of reality which is affectionately referred to as The Compound. 

The Compound can be found within the pages of the Daughters of Divination group founded by Thalassa Terese.  Thalassa is also the founder of BATS (Bay Area Tarot Symposium) which does enable members to meet and enhance their tarot knowledge with such classes presented by Marcia McCord and Mary Greer.  There are indeed many more presenters and to see an entire list of events which happen in San Jose, August 23-24, please do click on the link…

Now, back to the Compound. 

This deck started off as a fun play on some of the statements, images and personalies found within the pages of this group.  Many times, I would sit and openly laugh at the liguistical play the members would suggest as to the various events involving the Titwank family, which apparently are the royalty within the halls.  Not only does the banter involve the Titwank family, but also incorporates a variety of characters of notability: Fluffy, the Cthulthu; Doris, the Ghost; Mr. Thrifty, a romantic bag of bones; KiRC, the Kilted Rubber Chicken; The Cook, a territorial entity that strikes fear among the members.

Bringing all of these elements and more proved to be among the best fun I have had in making a deck in a very long time.

And the best part?  It is available as a coloring book for one to color in their own manner as well as a black and white deck, and a colored! 

And the even better part? A portion of each sale goes right back to the DoD/BATS as a donation and thank you to all the members for letting me twist their ideas around and back again into what is now entitled “The Compound Tarot!”

The coloring books ($25)  are unlimited, but the black and white decks are currenty available on Etsy and Ebay for $60.00 each with a $5.00 S/H US and $9.45 for international shipping. At last count, there were only 9 decks left. 

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For the Compound Tarot coloring book:

For the Compound Tarot Black and White version:

Discarding the Mask

Have you ever had that excited feeling course through your body when you know something big is about to happen?

As if you are standing upon the precipice of all that is about to happen and all that is required is a little shove, this is exactly how I feel right about now.  It is if everything in the universe is ready for a major change.


The first major change is creating a full deck that is more about myself and not limit it to only 12 decks.  The philosophy, beliefs, desires and love I carry within splashed across 78 cards is not without a wee bit of stress.  How does the inside of me on paper adorned with paint and color pencils come across?

It feels as though the next layer to myself has come to the surface, the mask of self preservation’s string broke and there not enough there to tie it back together.  I am not sure that even if I could, I would want to.

The images below feature a card from each suit.  Each suit pairs itself in coordinating color schemes that reflect the color energy of the element associated with the suit.


Each of the cards were originally abstract watercolor paintings.  As I looked closer upon these forms, images began to appear and take on a story of their own.  Perhaps my subconscious was emerging, the real me with my mask removed.

Now with the mask gone and seeing clearly, I am ready for whatever change is coming my way!

Good Deeds

This is probably the best sound effect to describe me over the course of the past two months.

It all began innocent enough in being asked to attend the Bay Area Tarot Symposium in San Jose last May.  It was followed by an another request from the organizer of the Whole Expo in Durango to attend her function as a reader and tarot vendor. Okay, I said.

Then over the summer came the question of participating in an Arts Celebration in a neighboring town which came about right in between the two shows. Okay, I said.

When the beginning of July approached, some lovely friends on Facebook started putting up photos of chickens and skantily clad men in kilts. Well, not being one to have the off button on my sense of humor, I broke out and fell into the fun of it all by designing the Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot, or KiRC.

Before I knew it, between cards being printed, cut and packaged; school was beginning and notices were sent out to for different professional responsibilities. Of course I signed up for a few. Wanting to make a difference to improve my school and the lives of my students is right up there with ensuring a happy and productive life for my own kids.

First came school beginning, then that Thursday I was off to California to attend BATS. When I returned, I finished off my week of school and made it down to the Arts Celebration just in time to sign up and get one painting done and another on it’s way. Throughout the week of school, meetings, I felt that helping out in a sport would be good as there seemed to be a lack of willing adults to assist. So, I became an Assistant Cheering Coach.

Over Labor Day weekend, it was a series of art promotion, dinners, a couple of on the spot paintings and printing and packing up for my next trip.

As soon as school ended the following week, my family and pets were loaded into an RV and took off for a 6 hour drive which crossed the Continental Divide and made it to the Whole Expo. Once people started arriving, I was straight out on reading cards. I did not stop talking for over 8 hours straight. I’ll be honest. I loved every moment.

Yesterday a wonderful surprise awaited me, The Bleu Cat Tarot. Just in time for me to have a moment, breath and a chance to play with my new tarot.

Bleu Cat Tarot - Chariot

Bleu Cat Tarot – Chariot

As I shuffled my newest deck, I drew the “Chariot” card. Upon opening the booklet, the line that popped out immediately to me was the following:

You survived and now can move onto better times.

Cheers!  *Clink*

If you are interested in the Bleu Cat Tarot (which is preorder sale at Barnes and Noble), please visit for more information!

Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot

That is right!  The Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot! 

This deck is based on structure of the Marseille deck and has the addition of the Lenormand symbols that run through the Major Arcana (first 22 trump cards) and the Royals.  So, if you ever needed to use it as a Lenormand, for those special occasions, one certainly can!

Why a Kilted Rubber Chicken? 

The story begins with a Facebook Group called Daughters of Divination.  They are a fun, off-beat group more concerned in finding the obscure images, food, housing and dressing garmets you can imagine than to actually discuss practical application of divination.  With the main focus being upon Cabana boys and Titwank family members (who apparently have been on the premis for eternity), not much but laughter is completed on this group’s page.  Just what is needed sometimes in our hectic days!

Well, one particular member found an image of  an overweight Elvis wearing only speedos holding a chicken leaning back in a stall.  This particular image scarred me. 

Since then, with the typical bantering that has ensued and everyone knowing my Elvis-chicken obsession, another member found just the image to start to make it all better… a rather handsomely ‘fit’ Scotsman in a kilt holding a Chicken.

By this time, my wheels started turning about incorporating the Lenormand into the Tarot and have a humorous spin to it all.  A kilted rubber chicken came to my mind and out it came onto the paper.

beak speaks colored sample

  I am also opting to do something very different as to the size edition.  I am opening a 10 day window for people to put in a request for this deck.  After which, request time closes and my printing starts.  I am going add 10 additional decks onto what is requested, as this is a treat for the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS) attendees.  Two decks are to be given away, one for the Daughters of Divination group and the second to BATS’s goodie table that sells tickets to supports various charities.  One of which, is for bat conservation.  Yes, this group is indeed that awesome!

For more information and perhaps attend the BATS event (this August in San Jose!), please click on the link for more information.  Super classes, amazing people and guarenteed to be a great event!

If you are interested in this deck or would like more information/images, please do contact me.


Temperance – Moderation

Temperance - Tarot de Marseille de Seilonen

Today’s card is from my latest creation Tarot de Marseille de Seilonen which was a special request from tarot enthusiast, Paul Nagy. 

Temperance.  When this card typically appears, I consider it to be a sign to take a moment of silence, to contemplate the situation and to consider the life lessons I ought to be considering.

Today I decided to step out of my ideas of this card and look to see what others had to say about Temperance.  One word in particular jumped out from the page “moderation.” 

I have noticed that since summer began, I have been trying to do a lot.  Getting out hiking, creating more art, doing just about everything and anything my family has asked to do, writing, spending time at my favorite haunts, preparing for next year’s art lessons, meeting with community members to discuss collaboration for new events with the art program, discussing painting signs for businesses, searching for property for that someday house that sits at the back of my mind and the list goes on quite a bit.  Seeing this one word called my attention to quite possibly, slow down for a bit.  Focus on just a few things instead of trying to accomplish everything that pops into my mind or my family’s mind.

What things have been going in excess or have you been focusing on to the extent of affecting others or other responsibilities?  Does it seem as though there is very little time for you to have quality time? 

Tarot de Marseille de Seilonen, June 2013, LTD 100 $35.00 22 cards and custom handmade box.


Card of the Day ~ Seven of Pentacles~ Fruition



Today’s Card of the Day is the Seven of Pentacles from the Dream Raven Tarot.
In opening the book and reading the word of guidance, I found that it is something that I should do more often. Talk about and share in my accomplishments.

“The focus of this card is fruition. If this symbolizes you, you have certainly put in the time and effort into your dreams and goals. Seeing your dreams come into fruition is certainly a moment to savour. You have every right to share your accomplishments with others, they are well worth applause.” pg 112

Just before I had pulled a the card, I was getting an order ready to send to Australia.

If you had told me ten years ago that I would have my work going to just about every spot on the globe, I would have looked at your as if you had had two heads. It was not a part of my reality.

When my first request for a deck I had created, entitled the Theban Tarot in August of 2007 came from Scotland. I was all grins. I still am all grins, in fact. As one thing led to another and word by word (or rather, blog by blog), my tarot art has grown and developed into a very particular voice, style and message.

Fast forward to today. As I was getting this particular order ready, I had also received a lovely letter and request to write for The Magician from Australia. I was told that I could write anything about my decks, process, where I am at now, ecetera. My mind is just racing along, reflecting on the past six years.

As a way to help focus on what I could write about, I opened up my catalog of tarot decks, updating some of my latest creations onto the list and started counting. I only counted the ones that were complete or were just about finished (working on my first Marseille deck!). I found that I am currently at 82 different decks, five of them published or in the process of beign published by Schiffer Books.

What is my ultimate goal? 100 decks. Will I stop once I achieve that goal? Knowing me, probably not. I love creating a unitarian art form which can help and assist others. I love how within each deck the voices are different. Some are light and fluffy, while others, they are so dark some folks won’t even touch them and it takes a special person to be able to work with them.

Is there something that you set your goals and seen them come to fruition? Be sure to share in your accomplishments to others.

Have a super day!