Discarding the Mask

by bethseilonen

Have you ever had that excited feeling course through your body when you know something big is about to happen?

As if you are standing upon the precipice of all that is about to happen and all that is required is a little shove, this is exactly how I feel right about now.  It is if everything in the universe is ready for a major change.


The first major change is creating a full deck that is more about myself and not limit it to only 12 decks.  The philosophy, beliefs, desires and love I carry within splashed across 78 cards is not without a wee bit of stress.  How does the inside of me on paper adorned with paint and color pencils come across?

It feels as though the next layer to myself has come to the surface, the mask of self preservation’s string broke and there not enough there to tie it back together.  I am not sure that even if I could, I would want to.

The images below feature a card from each suit.  Each suit pairs itself in coordinating color schemes that reflect the color energy of the element associated with the suit.


Each of the cards were originally abstract watercolor paintings.  As I looked closer upon these forms, images began to appear and take on a story of their own.  Perhaps my subconscious was emerging, the real me with my mask removed.

Now with the mask gone and seeing clearly, I am ready for whatever change is coming my way!