Good Deeds

by bethseilonen

This is probably the best sound effect to describe me over the course of the past two months.

It all began innocent enough in being asked to attend the Bay Area Tarot Symposium in San Jose last May.  It was followed by an another request from the organizer of the Whole Expo in Durango to attend her function as a reader and tarot vendor. Okay, I said.

Then over the summer came the question of participating in an Arts Celebration in a neighboring town which came about right in between the two shows. Okay, I said.

When the beginning of July approached, some lovely friends on Facebook started putting up photos of chickens and skantily clad men in kilts. Well, not being one to have the off button on my sense of humor, I broke out and fell into the fun of it all by designing the Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot, or KiRC.

Before I knew it, between cards being printed, cut and packaged; school was beginning and notices were sent out to for different professional responsibilities. Of course I signed up for a few. Wanting to make a difference to improve my school and the lives of my students is right up there with ensuring a happy and productive life for my own kids.

First came school beginning, then that Thursday I was off to California to attend BATS. When I returned, I finished off my week of school and made it down to the Arts Celebration just in time to sign up and get one painting done and another on it’s way. Throughout the week of school, meetings, I felt that helping out in a sport would be good as there seemed to be a lack of willing adults to assist. So, I became an Assistant Cheering Coach.

Over Labor Day weekend, it was a series of art promotion, dinners, a couple of on the spot paintings and printing and packing up for my next trip.

As soon as school ended the following week, my family and pets were loaded into an RV and took off for a 6 hour drive which crossed the Continental Divide and made it to the Whole Expo. Once people started arriving, I was straight out on reading cards. I did not stop talking for over 8 hours straight. I’ll be honest. I loved every moment.

Yesterday a wonderful surprise awaited me, The Bleu Cat Tarot. Just in time for me to have a moment, breath and a chance to play with my new tarot.

Bleu Cat Tarot - Chariot

Bleu Cat Tarot – Chariot

As I shuffled my newest deck, I drew the “Chariot” card. Upon opening the booklet, the line that popped out immediately to me was the following:

You survived and now can move onto better times.

Cheers!  *Clink*

If you are interested in the Bleu Cat Tarot (which is preorder sale at Barnes and Noble), please visit for more information!