Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot

by bethseilonen

That is right!  The Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot! 

This deck is based on structure of the Marseille deck and has the addition of the Lenormand symbols that run through the Major Arcana (first 22 trump cards) and the Royals.  So, if you ever needed to use it as a Lenormand, for those special occasions, one certainly can!

Why a Kilted Rubber Chicken? 

The story begins with a Facebook Group called Daughters of Divination.  They are a fun, off-beat group more concerned in finding the obscure images, food, housing and dressing garmets you can imagine than to actually discuss practical application of divination.  With the main focus being upon Cabana boys and Titwank family members (who apparently have been on the premis for eternity), not much but laughter is completed on this group’s page.  Just what is needed sometimes in our hectic days!

Well, one particular member found an image of  an overweight Elvis wearing only speedos holding a chicken leaning back in a stall.  This particular image scarred me. 

Since then, with the typical bantering that has ensued and everyone knowing my Elvis-chicken obsession, another member found just the image to start to make it all better… a rather handsomely ‘fit’ Scotsman in a kilt holding a Chicken.

By this time, my wheels started turning about incorporating the Lenormand into the Tarot and have a humorous spin to it all.  A kilted rubber chicken came to my mind and out it came onto the paper.

beak speaks colored sample

  I am also opting to do something very different as to the size edition.  I am opening a 10 day window for people to put in a request for this deck.  After which, request time closes and my printing starts.  I am going add 10 additional decks onto what is requested, as this is a treat for the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS) attendees.  Two decks are to be given away, one for the Daughters of Divination group and the second to BATS’s goodie table that sells tickets to supports various charities.  One of which, is for bat conservation.  Yes, this group is indeed that awesome!

For more information and perhaps attend the BATS event (this August in San Jose!), please click on the link for more information.  Super classes, amazing people and guarenteed to be a great event!

If you are interested in this deck or would like more information/images, please do contact me.