Temperance – Moderation

by bethseilonen

Temperance - Tarot de Marseille de Seilonen

Today’s card is from my latest creation Tarot de Marseille de Seilonen which was a special request from tarot enthusiast, Paul Nagy. 

Temperance.  When this card typically appears, I consider it to be a sign to take a moment of silence, to contemplate the situation and to consider the life lessons I ought to be considering.

Today I decided to step out of my ideas of this card and look to see what others had to say about Temperance.  One word in particular jumped out from the page “moderation.” 

I have noticed that since summer began, I have been trying to do a lot.  Getting out hiking, creating more art, doing just about everything and anything my family has asked to do, writing, spending time at my favorite haunts, preparing for next year’s art lessons, meeting with community members to discuss collaboration for new events with the art program, discussing painting signs for businesses, searching for property for that someday house that sits at the back of my mind and the list goes on quite a bit.  Seeing this one word called my attention to quite possibly, slow down for a bit.  Focus on just a few things instead of trying to accomplish everything that pops into my mind or my family’s mind.

What things have been going in excess or have you been focusing on to the extent of affecting others or other responsibilities?  Does it seem as though there is very little time for you to have quality time? 

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