Card of the Day ~ Seven of Pentacles~ Fruition

by bethseilonen



Today’s Card of the Day is the Seven of Pentacles from the Dream Raven Tarot.
In opening the book and reading the word of guidance, I found that it is something that I should do more often. Talk about and share in my accomplishments.

“The focus of this card is fruition. If this symbolizes you, you have certainly put in the time and effort into your dreams and goals. Seeing your dreams come into fruition is certainly a moment to savour. You have every right to share your accomplishments with others, they are well worth applause.” pg 112

Just before I had pulled a the card, I was getting an order ready to send to Australia.

If you had told me ten years ago that I would have my work going to just about every spot on the globe, I would have looked at your as if you had had two heads. It was not a part of my reality.

When my first request for a deck I had created, entitled the Theban Tarot in August of 2007 came from Scotland. I was all grins. I still am all grins, in fact. As one thing led to another and word by word (or rather, blog by blog), my tarot art has grown and developed into a very particular voice, style and message.

Fast forward to today. As I was getting this particular order ready, I had also received a lovely letter and request to write for The Magician from Australia. I was told that I could write anything about my decks, process, where I am at now, ecetera. My mind is just racing along, reflecting on the past six years.

As a way to help focus on what I could write about, I opened up my catalog of tarot decks, updating some of my latest creations onto the list and started counting. I only counted the ones that were complete or were just about finished (working on my first Marseille deck!). I found that I am currently at 82 different decks, five of them published or in the process of beign published by Schiffer Books.

What is my ultimate goal? 100 decks. Will I stop once I achieve that goal? Knowing me, probably not. I love creating a unitarian art form which can help and assist others. I love how within each deck the voices are different. Some are light and fluffy, while others, they are so dark some folks won’t even touch them and it takes a special person to be able to work with them.

Is there something that you set your goals and seen them come to fruition? Be sure to share in your accomplishments to others.

Have a super day!