The Raven

by bethseilonen

     As I was walking home recently, I happened to catch a glimpse of a glistening black head with a large beak poke up from the bed of a truck. He immediately ducked back down to hide from our peering eyes capturing him getting into something that had caught his fancy.
     I spoke to my daughter about this particular raven and asked if she had seen him. Suddenly, he poked his head up again to check on how close we were, flew up to the adjacent building, landing upon the brick edge. My eyes had followed his flight, observing.
     In most of my observations with ravens, they tend to go about their own way, ignoring humans. This particular bird, as he was perched along the edge of the building, leaned back and gave a slight tilt to his head to watch my daughter and I.
     Having the shift from being the observer to being observed is quite interesting.
     It is this point of how does another person/creature see and interpret the situation that becomes the basis of many of my decks.
     Ravens are one of two major birds that often appear in my decks. Each deck takes a different approach to the bird. Currently, I have three decks featuring just Ravens.
     In the case of the Dream Raven Tarot, that is just being released now, it approached a more spiritual side of the Raven, as a medium to convey the unconscious to consciousness.

The second deck, Raven’s Window, is based upon a dream I had had while creating the Dream Raven Tarot. After talking to a Native American friend, he suggested that I may have seen Krahe, which appears as I saw her that night. Though many of the cards, she is accompanied by traditional black ravens.

Strength - Raven's Window
Ravenia Arcana is held strickly to just black ravens and utilizes color fields and simple use of the tarot icons to evoke feel of each of the Majors.

In each of the decks, I selected the Strength card as a way to show how each deck takes on a different aspect, style and sensibility for the card.
Between the three decks of ravens, the next step all depends upon what connections the reader makes to the card as to the readibility of the card in understanding the iconography, semiotics and emotive sense of color theory. Understand that a person’s past experience and knowledge plays a huge part in their understanding of the cards.
I am merely creating a jumping off point for the reader.

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