by bethseilonen

Vibrant Night Lenormand


When these two cards showed up, at first I was a bit taken aback.  Destiny?  Seriously?  I am destined to have or do something?  In this case, an opportunity to buy a house from a co-worker through assumption of his mortgage.

The above cards are from a type of cartomancy deck called a Lenormand.  They were developed by Mlle. Lenormand in the 1800’s.  The main difference between these and the tarot is that these cards are more of a word play and very direct.  Which, coming from a tarot  persective can be rather challenging to say the least.

I have always been a bit skeptical over destiny.  How can something be predetermined?  Isn’t life made up of choices along the way and our paths open to our own determination?  Does destiny take away that empowerment over what we do and who we become? Or does it merely assist us to understand and connect to our higher selves and inner happiness when the universe gently pushes us to our destiny?

As I was merely mentioning a need that I had at a Professional Development Day for teachers, and he promptly replied with an answer to my delimna, I was stunned.  So much so,  that I completely forgot to even ask the financial side of things.

So, we will see how this destiny falls into place.  I’ll keep you posted.
Show Me Lenormand


The top two cards are the Cross and Key from “Vibrant Night Lenormand” and the bottom two cards are from the “Show Me Lenormand” by Beth Seilonen.  For more information on these cards and pictures, please visit

Have a wonderful day!