Card of the Day ~ Knight of Wands

by bethseilonen

Dream Raven Tarot

Dream Raven Tarot

As we walk through our days, there are moments when others may try to take away our strength, confidence and respect.

Through underhanded comments, posturing and belittling our values, these people attain a self perceived sense of power over the situation. Perhaps they have attained a level of power, as the one they have undermined says nothing but walks away, enabling a win over the situation.

Having worked in a juvenile prison, I have had my share of power shifts between inmates and staff. One thing that my co-workers admired was my ability to not be intimidated by their power plays, on both sides.

When having a venting session to my former co-worker about my day, she would often start laughing. One day, I finally asked her what was so funny.

“You know, when people meet you, you seem like such a nice, easy-going person. Until they cross you, then this totally other person comes out that doesn’t put up with anything.”

Well, today was one of those days.

As the Card of the Day appeared, the Knight of Wands from Dream Raven Tarot, I broke out into a smile.

There, in the glare of the Raven, was more than likely the look on my face today when a challenge came to my door. Defending the dreams, ethics, respect and ideals of my profession.

Intimidate me? Most certainly not.