Emperor Card from Tarot Leaves

by bethseilonen

Tarot Leaves by Beth Seilonen

Tarot Leaves by Beth Seilonen

As I had spent hours working on my inventory, getting ready for Reader’s Studio at the end of this month. I had a hankering to just goof off for the remainder of this particular afternoon.

I decided to take a moment and pull a general card of the day.

Emperor. The card which suggests that one needs to focus upon the goals at hand. Assign tasks as needed to get the job done before one goes off to play. Internal self-discipline.

This card directs one to push towards the goal. Otherwise, you may find yourself running a day short to have everything done in a timely manner. Thus, ends in late nights and full blown panic moments.

This would certainly be my case. As I found out last weekend, my inventory was a third of what I normally carry. It has certainly been a busy winter/spring for me in learning about the Lenormand, creating five new Lennies, redrawing illustrations for a Tarot book, illustrating cards for a new submission, sketching out additional pages for a children’s book, a new tarot deck release coming up shortly – “Dream Raven Tarot” and in the final weeks before Reader’s Studio and a book signing at Isis Books in Denver; I have certainly been living a life side by side with the Emperor.

With the appearance of this card, my time with the Emperor is certainly not over yet. I just have a few more goals to achieve, then honest, I am going to take a break and hang out in the Sun (Dream Raven Tarot).

~ Sun ~ Dream Raven Tarot

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