by bethseilonen

Over the past two years, I had shared images from various decks dealing with finding out that a loved one had stage 4 colon and liver cancer (Grimm’s Arcana) to news of him seeming to ‘cheat’ death (Grimmy’s Transitional Arcana). 

Sadly, this certainly does not have the happy success story and honestly makes me question the 40 plus year old methods of dealing with cancer.  With independant research, I saw how more progressive nations are having more success rate of being proactive towards cancer and even in their reactive treatments are more advanced than our own – burn,cut, chemo and drug a person to oblivian. 

When I took but a moment and followed, who gets paid in all of this it is easy to see why our methods have not changed.  If you change it and then the big coorporation who enjoy this ever increasing epidemic of America would wither and die.  Well, we can not have that, can we?

Dr.Burzymscki in Houston, Texas, has found a new and innovative way of treating cancer.  What is most important in this, it is working without the need to use chemo to cure.  Why is his treatment not being tested further by the coorporations?  Easy, they would not be making money in the manner that they make currently thus it is a not in their best interest for the public to even be aware of it at all.

Personally, I feel that if my step-father (and others) had accessiblity to this, he would have had a better chance of beating this horrible disease. 

Instead, he had a doctor telling him to eat ‘whatever you want,’ which even the most common sense part of the back of your mind, you know that should not be the case.  Cancer loves sugar, unhealthy foods (fast foods, deep fried), foods with additives, GMO, High Fructose Corn-Syrup and the list goes on.  Cancer can not live in an alkinine environment, it loves acidic bodies.

So, the cancer continued to grow in spite of the chemo, as he was eating what he wanted, it had the acidic body it needed.  After seeing that it no longer was responding to the chemo, he was removed from further treatments, given drugs and sent home. 

Towards the end of this saga, the cancer had spread into his spine, up into his brain where it took away his ability to speak, respond and finally his life. 

On February 16, 2013, Ron, my step-father, who inspired me to be an artist and follow what I wanted to be in life, passed away while he slept.  That afternoon and following day, I created this deck in honor of him, his life and my memories: 

Indigo Payne Petite Oracle designed after Mlle Lenormand.

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