Awaken the sister to Awareness

by bethseilonen


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Open eyes to the light

reality settles on the senses

as Awareness

slips through the slumbering mind

hedging at the edges of reality

Open eyes to the light



from the night.

As Awareness only indicates that one needs to be aware of what the reality of the situation is in life.  It is when the soul Awakens to full conciousness of the situation that surrounds which solutions can be made and dealt.

Awaken is a 22 card Arcana series in which each card was monoprinted with watercolor paints on my watercolor mixing tray on Mulberry papaer (Japanese Paper) then using colored pencils and imagination, carefully colored in the images that seemed to jump from the images.  Admittedly, there are more images that others noticed that even I could not see when I presented some of the images via Facebook.  So as you look through the cards, images will more than likely seem to “jump” out.

This is a very limited edition of only 13, please do inquire by writing to or visit and go to the “Shop Online” category and “Limited Editions” for availability.