Pieces. When the Tower Falls.

by bethseilonen

Pieces.  When the Tower Falls

What happens when the rug gets pulled out from under your feet when you least expect it?  How does one rebuilt the pieces left behind and grow into something stronger? 

I explore the emotional tangle, ups and downs, heartache and the growth that happens when these events rip ups from our routines, our normal way of life and demand change.  Demand growth. Demand a better life from those affected by tragic events beyond their control while remaining strong and secure to those around.

Where does the path lead once the dust has settled? 

Life certainly does play some interesting twists and turns, but only so that we grow and become who we are suppose to be in the end.

Happy Journey!

This deck of 22 cards is now available for purchase by visiting http://www.catseyeart.com/catalog/i79.html.  This is a very limited edition of only 20 copies, all signed, laminated and corners curved.