by bethseilonen

Today I started the task of going through my boxes of decks to get ready for my next Tarot show when I came across Serenity.

Serenity began as a response I had as a mother many years earlier. 

My son, four, and I were walking back towards our house on a beautiful spring day, when my son noticed a birch tree off to the side, no leaves and a yellow growth on it, standing by itself in a small opening.  He asked why?  I told him it may be due to acid rain. 

“Where does the acid rain come from?” He asked.

“Well, from industries.  When they make stuff, like oil, they emit pollution, like smoke, into the air.  Then it mixes with the rain and falls down on us.  Sometimes plants and animals die.”

“Oh.” He then looked around at a neighbor’s house, saw smoke coming from their chimney and yelled “Pollution!”

He continued to point out every bit of pollution there after.

About the same time, Former President Bush lifted the emission laws over mills and plants which made it so they no longer needed to use filters to take out the Mercury and other toxic elements

I was livid.  Wait.  I still am livid.  

The way in which the Gulf Stream works, the air pollution made by factories in the south makes it way up here and comes down with the rain.  Most of our water ways are polluted with these toxins and others from earlier local factories.

Seeing my angered state, my husband suggest I go and make a tree with a skull.  I did.  Lots of them.

The  Tree People were born. 

At first, they were extremely angry about the situation, but as time went on, these trees started taking on a new purpose, to bring about a better understanding of how each organism relates to the other and all depend upon one another for survival.

Why black only?  These were my submission to an open show at a local gallery entitled “Black and White.”  I also feel that with the use of black it sends a very clear message.  It is a “Black and White” situation.  We are what we have made and the world has a way of dealing with things that are not in balance on a more catastrophic level. 

The official name for this deck is called “Serenity Arcana: Ivory, can you hear them call your name?”  There are only 10 copies out in the world, though I do hope that her message continues to resonate with all to work with efforts to conserve, reduce and recycle whenever possible.

If you are interested in this deck of hand painted cards, please do visit my etsy shop for more information