Grimmy’s Transitional Arcana: Guide to the Other Side

by bethseilonen

As promised, additional interpretations and meanings from my latest work “Grimmy’s Transitional Arcana: Guide to the Other Side.

Emperor Grimmy

Okay, so you went off on your own path, didn’t listen to Grimmy and have now come back , because, honestly you really didn’t have a clue as to where you were going in the first place.  Now you have to face him. 

Don’t let his personality get to you, he’s got a hard life leading souls from this plane to the next.  He has seen lots of souls and there are cases, like yours, where a bit more of a firm hand is needed in order to resolve the situation.  He’s the entity for the job.

Hierophant Grimmy

 Belief.  There are many beliefs all around the world.  What makes belief possible?  How can you be sure what you have been told is really the truth?

Grimmy questions many aspects of beliefs from around the world and how those beliefs contribute to society and traditions within each.  These traditions are what hold a family, a community, a nation together.  It is the binding and right now, it is necessary to ones own survival.  Regardless of what path you follow, find the traditions, the essence of life that bring you back to a sense of connection to the world around.

Grimmy’s job may be for you to clarify what your beliefs are, illustrate and live by your word.

Hermit Grimmy

Lighting the way to guide the souls to the other side.  He stands on watch ready to aid the newly departed soul for the journey though this place and onto the next.  He is the beacon to the souls, his light burns eternally and his wisdom prepares the souls for their next adventure.

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