Tarot of Squee: Coming to Life

by bethseilonen

Squee: the excited noise made by a fan girl or by a person suddenly overcome by extreme animal cuteness.

A couple of months ago, there was a challenge put out to me by fellow Tarot enthusiasts to see if I could create a Tarot of Sloths, before I could respond there were suddenly a plethora of animals that were added; owls, honey badger, sugar gliders, wombats and lemurs. 

 I’m sure that I have forgotten some of the critters that were also mentioned and with the help of Thalassa of the Daughters of Divination we parried them down to the following:  Sloths, Sugar Gliders, Lemurs,  Honey-Badgers and Wombats.

As a bit of fun and to see if I could capture the Squeeness of these critters, I found inspiration in an image that Thalassa had used as her avatar.  A Sugar Glider, so I sketched it out holding onto a deck entitled “Tarot of Squee” just as a fun thing and posted it to her page. 

I was only intending this to brighten a person’s day when I was asked if it was going to be colored. 

Now this was going to be a challenge.  Fur.  Fur can be just fine and there are a number of artists who can create fur and it looks amazing.  However, for this artist, fur and I have developed a rather neurotic habit of needing to be perfect.  Which means, I could spend hours if not days working to get the exact look of the fur.

I did step over the line and keeping in mind, I was out to have fun.

Once she was colored in and bounced over to Thalassa, who promptly pronouned that she was ‘exploding with Squee!” 

Well, if she is exploding, then she really needs more color, doesn’t she?

And then with final touches, the Tarot of Squee has begun it’s journey!

I can’t wait to see how the rest are going to come out!

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