Grimmy’s Transitional Arcana

by bethseilonen


The final frontier.  These are the voyages of my imagination, to boldly go where many have thought about, but oddly, not too many get a chuckle out of it.  I can’t help it.  It’s just how my mind works.

With every chuckle and funny escapade that I illustrate, something more serious has probably occurred within the world.

The more serious attribute today has been in acknowledging cancer’s ultimate goal.  To kill you.  Period.  I find this to be counterproductive in the grand scheme of survival and don’t quiet understand the rational for this.

Last fall my step-father was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer (see Art in My World, post).  When he was opened up for surgery, they were able to take out most, if not all of the cancer in his colon, but upon looking at his liver, they left it and started him on chemo.

At the beginning he was quite determined that he would indeed beat this cancer, a one in three survival rate.  He was fit, ate healthy and had a great attitude.  Now, however, many have noticed that his eating habits have resorted to fastfood and gas station convience food and have come to my husband and I to let us know.  Meanwhile, my family and others have gotten after me “Oh, let him eat what he wants, what’s the big deal?”  Uh… death?

When will this end?  Who will win?  Ultimately, it is the person who wins.  With a cure there is always the threat of reoccurance;  with death, it brings freedom from the pain.

So, where to go from here?  This is where Grimmy comes in.  The ultimate decider as to when our time is up and how we go.  Granted, I’m hoping for a more comical trip to the other side with an assortment of characters to make the journey that much more interesting.  Though I have no intention of being there anytime soon.





Grimmy isn’t always out to create mayhem and distruction, he’s also able to guide the souls away from pain and hurt and onto a better place. So let Grimmy lead the way, trust in him, he knows where to go!





On the journey of the soul, we need to face Grimmy. He brings our issues right to the surface and makes one deal with the reality of the situation.

“I’m WHAT??!! Dead??? Are you sure? Is there another Grimmy I can talk to about this? Your manager, perhaps?”

Once we come to terms with everything, then we are allowed to pass on through and follow the golden brick road to where ever it may lead.

Thank you for visiting, I’ll be updating this blog as new cards are made.