Tarot Leaves – A Walk Through the Woods

by bethseilonen

There’s to be dancing in the house tonight! 

This afternoon I received a note from the marketing department from SchifferPublishing to let me know that my advance copy was to be delivered to them today!

So, what’s the timeline that a person goes through to from start to publication of a deck?  I’m sure it is different for everyone, but for me, it was almost as if I was planning and putting away for a new child.  Then from the time it went off to the publishers to mature into a published deck, it has been a total of nine months, almost to the week!

My journey began last May when I decided to start contacting various publishers and just to introduce myself and my website.  To be honest, I completely forgot about who I had emailed, when I saw a notice from Schiffer Publishing asking about the work I had emailed and wanting to see additional images. 

Before a person could figure out how to pronounce “Seilonen,” I had my box of art pieces off and in the mail to them.  While awaiting their response, I had gotten talked into going to BATS (Bay Area Tarot Symposium) and to create the White Bat Tarot at last minute by Marcia McCord and Thalassa, Queen of the Bats.  Then in August, two weeks before the BATS, I officially signed on the dotted line for Tarot Leaves.

The term “working my fingers to the bone’ comes to mind as once I returned from BATS, I went into full artist mode when I wasn’t teaching art classes.  The book and images were finished and in the mail by November 15; which as it turned out was perfect timing, as I was hired to teach at another school making me pretty much fulltime.

My editor forwarned me that at this point, there would be long periods of nothing and then suddenly loads of activity that would need to be done ASAP.  And it was just as she predicted.  First came the proof of the text, then going through the images to ensure that they were indeed matched correctly.  Then came proofing the box and layout of the cards.  I must admit that part was personally really exciting, as I had been (and still do) handdraw each cover to my tarot boxes then to see a colorful design of the High Priestess card adorning the cover was just incredible.

Now comes to the most exciting part, seeing my deck for purchase on Amazon.com and Schiffer Books.  The realization that a goal to be a published illustrator has come to life. 

I hope that you’ll take time a visit the following links and celebrate with me!

 Schiffler Books


on Amazon when I just looked they were for sale at $15.58