Raven’s Window

by bethseilonen

Raven’s Window

What happens when you pull from your dreams?  Amazing things!

This series of art pieces began as fragments of a dream which ended up waking me out of a dead sleep with an image that I couldn’t shake from my mind.

It all began simple enough, I was standing along the Chesapeak River watching over these four little children who desparately wanted to go swimming in the water.  As I was explaining, in best child terms, to them about the current in the water, I heard a voice come across the waterway muttering “G**Dam*t!”  I then witnessed a rather large black bird floating on the water, with her beak desparately trying to itch her leg as it was stuck out in front of her.   

Shocked by the odd appearence of this bird and behavior, I shouted out “Crow?” to which I was ignored completely.  However when I called “RAVEN!” she quickly brought her head up immediately and as she did, she was positioned between a fork in a tree and her face changed to that of a pale doll’s face with glossy black eyes and feather braids down on either side.

Of course, I woke at this point.

Upon speaking to a Native American friend of mine, he informed me that what I may had dreamed of was a Celtic Raven Goddess (of sorts) known as “Krahe.”

Krahe did not leave my mind.  When I was all packed and ready to leave to attend the Reader’s Studio in New York City, I took a moment to cut some cards, pack some drawing supplies and a metal container to keep them in.  

As I sat on the plane, gazing out the window, sitting through some of the class sessions and during quiet lunches, Krahe and her images flooded through my mind and ended on the paper.  Each taking on a new symbolism and interpretation of an old meaning. 

The Tower card is a prime example.  In a standard Tower, the main idea that old ideas are broken down to enable a new foundation or growth to occur to help us have a better life.   The Tower card in this series is entitled “Release” as we can see that Krahe has dropped the locket which has now broken open to all the soul freedom from it former bondage.

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This series will be available for order effective May 15 with a limited edition of 50, $40.00 per deck, 22 cards, 5 by 2.75 approximately or a smaller sized varient measuring 4 by 2 5/8 inches for $30.00 per deck. This is an introductory price for a limited time.  If you are interested, please either email catseyegallery@hotmail.com or just visit www.catseyeart.com.


Beth Seilonen