by bethseilonen

Awareness.  Being in a state of awareness requires that one keeps one’s eyes and mind open that that which is going on around them.  However, there are times when that awareness becomes clouded and fogged over by the haze of daily life or that of anothers. 

It is during these times of just striving to make it through the week, day, hour that we often loose sight of the long term goals.  We continue to wake into each day just to make it to the end, hence stagnation and stalemate occur and leave us right where we began. 

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When we stay in this state, opportunities may come up, but if our eyes and mind is only focused upon the task at hand, racing for the phantom finish line, how can one truly even be aware that an opportunity has availed itself?  How does this effect our passions?  Our connections to the higher self and sense within our world?

Awareness.  Take a deep breath, if you could do anything, what would it be?  Granted, above the law and all, what activity would you find happiness in doing, how could you incorporate it now into your life.  

To wait only delays you from your passion and happiness.