Winter and the Crow

by bethseilonen

In my most recent Arcana deck (Majors Only), I decided to have a play on Winter.  This year in particular has been one of peculiar circumstance and living in the Northeast, we have certainly felt Winter’s cold blanket of snow week after week.  Needless to say, most of us are pretty much ready for the season to end.

Winter is accompanied by the Crow, who is just as playful and mischievous.  Mimicing Winter’s snobbish behavior,  they go about their way teaching all of those who is boss of the season.  With the aid of Runes, Winter does her predicting of what is to come during her reign.

In the Moon card, I’ve drawn two faces each looking in two different directions.  Often the feeling of being drawn into two different directions is overpowering, especially when it comes to finding a way to end inner conflict and the choices that must be made.  Taking a moment to weigh out the pros and cons of any situation leads often times to the best solution.

Another card that I found myself pulling in true life experience was the Wheel of Fortune card.  When it came around to deciding my own goals and what I wanted to do, from all around came the goodwill voices of friends and family, giving advice from their perspective. 

This none came out more prominate than when I had secretly transferred from one college to another, 100 miles away, and changed my degree from Business to Fine Art.   Unknowingly, my best friend walked into where my mother worked and proceeded to say wasn’t wonderful that I had gotten accepted for the Art program at University of Maine at Orono.  “She what?” Came the response, at which time my friend concluded that my mother had not been told.

When she finally had a chance to talk to me, we had a wonderful 45 minute car ride in which she tried every angle possible to talk me out of getting an Art degree and becoming an art teacher.   Little did I know that this one moment of stubborness would define my ability to set my eyes on a goal and stay with it. 

As one can see in this card, the goal in the center, with faces radiating outward are those folks with the best of advice, but ultimately, only the individual knows in their heart the goals and life that is best for them. 

So, even as Winter does attempt to dominate this season, Spring is on it’s way and there is no convincing Spring of stepping back for Winter. 

~Beth Seilonen