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Month: January, 2011

Creating your own Tarot Deck

There are a number of ways to create your own decks and many more ways to apply various techniques, here are just a few quick tips and techniques that may help you along your way.

Material suggestions:

100 lb Bristol Board – This paper has a wonderful thickness that makes it perfect for those who wish to use  charcoal, color pencil, markers, ink or even crayon.  

140 lb Watercolor Paper – smooth or rough it is up to your own preference.

110 lb Cardstock – Cardstock is wonderful for pen, ink and pencil work and is probably one of the most economical papers on the market that will work in a pinch to create a deck.

Scrapbook Paper Cutter – a simple paper cutter that can be picked up at your local craft store.  Be sure that it has at least a platform area that is larger than the cards you wish to make.  For example, if you want your cards to be 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches – make sure that the width of the paper cutter will accomidate your needs.  Should you pick up a paper cutter with a platform, or deck, that is only 3.5 inches wide, chances are you will end up with cards that are not exact.

Corner Curvers.  If you like to have your cards with nicely curved corners, be sure to pick up a corner curver to help you along.  Be prepared, the thicker papers can be difficult to to punch and may need to have scissors to aid along.

Laminator and Lamination Pouches.  If you want to preserve your work and help against damage, then laminate your work.  A simple office laminator from a local department store along with the thermal laminator pouches will suffice.

Creation of  a deck:

Begin by cutting you choice of paper down to the size that you are most comfortable in shuffling.  If you enjoy cards that are 3.5 by 5.5, then I would suggest purchasing paper that is already cut to the size of 11 by 14.

As you begin on each card, you may want to consider what the card means to you.  Writting down some keywords or colors that you associate with each card before you begin will help in providing clarity or focus as you create.

Begin!  Remember, there is no wrong way to create your tarot, it’s your vision and your voice!

When you have finished your cards, you can always choose to laminate them or leave them unlaminated.  Curve the corners with a punch if you wish. 

Take a moment and visit your local craft store to find a kraft box or browse the internet.  AC Moore, Michaels or any local hobby shop may have exactly what you need. You can paint, draw or even decoupage your special creation and enjoy!


Craft Night with the Tarot Tribe

This past Saturday, myself along with four other women, shared our unique tarot inspired crafts!  Enjoy the Tarot Tribe’s radio broadcast!

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