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Opposition Composition

In conjunction to my work in tarot, I also am an art educator. This past week I presented a themed breadth piece, “Opposition Compositon.”

This shift of mindset created some in-depth discussions and moments of philosophy that even made me take a few steps back and reflect. Most specifically, it called to each of us to pull from the compositon (parts that make up a whole) of our life, our society, our nature and pinpoint, what of it do we reject, do we stand against?

I had set this lesson in motion roughly three weeks ago, unknowing the current political turmoil that would ensue the week we moved to this particular lesson.

I decided to strive and complete this assignment right along with the students.

The Tower Card with an adorable Quokka springing forth from all the hateful, malignant nature that has been emerging of late.

It is my sincerely hope that during this time of turmoil, healing can occur. Sadly, it is going to get worse before it gets better. Happily, it has already started.

Be well, be happy.


Just dance.

Celebrate every success, no matter the grandeur.


Slow and Steady

20180908_104641.jpgWords of wisdom from Isabel Snail.


Close your eyes, breath, allow your intuition to flourish while knowing the issue at hand may not have a direct point A to point B, simply trust it is going to be just fine.


This suggestion comes as I have spent the past 9 months running at full tilt with the proverbial rug being ripped out from under my feet with strick orders telling me to take it easy.  Put my feet up.  Relax. Chill. Things are going to be fine and sometimes, one simply needs to pull back and just be.

Even as I find myself trying to accomplish this goal, it is rather difficult.

I enjoy doing. I am goal oriented.  Sitting is passive and, seriously, it is stressful. My muscles are tense…or maybe I am becoming aware as to the stress that has been building over months and years.  Sitting and doing nothing is actually doing something.

It is allowing my body to ebb through these layers instead of masking over them by being in a constant state of doing.

If you have not taken time to sit back and breath, a mental health day… mayhap you take a day and do nothing.  The world will still move along and guess what?  You will be a better you.

Isabel Snail: A Tarot Life, Beth Seilonen, 2018

Wisdom of Isabel Snail: A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

Isabel Snail: A Tarot Life

This deck of 78 cards is based upon a character I developed roughly 20 years ago, when my own Isabel Snail daughter was six years old. She has forever kept her innocent, purposeful life to live her life through the lenses of happiness and love. Isabel Snail is all about staying true to yourself, your ethics, and beliefs regards of events that attempt to derail you from your path.

I originally made Isabel Snail Arcana 10 years ago. Recently, a friendly reminder to stay the course, continue to be and act with intention of love with a twinge of humor as the world seems to be changing at a breakneck pace brought the tenacity of Isabel Snail back to the forefront of my mind and this deck emerged.

When purchasing the Collector’s Edition deck, it is a limited edition of 50, printed by the artist and all aspects are done by hand, which include the lid to be painted featuring a custom card of choice.

This deck is also available on Gamecrafter which includes all 78 cards and booklet with intentions of setting it up as a borderless option as well. Open Edition, click here!

For more information and purchase of Isabel Snail Collector’s Edition, please visit here.

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Isabel Snail: A Tarot Life

This deck implores humor and captures a week of the unimaginable in American politics. Recently, it was exposed the extent the government would go into the dark.

Out of this darkness, Isabel Snail has re-emerged.

Empress Card from Isabel Snail: A Tarot Life

Ever vigilant figure, fighting for the wellbeing of those in her charge.

This deck certainly captures the range of emotions and turmoil not only in the political but also in the adventures of love, dance, and life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It is a crazy world, folks. Hold your ground, be safe, be well.


When the Goddess Answered. 

Dragon and Raven have found their life paths going off into two very separate, yet exciting paths. 

The Guardian Tree Goddess bringing back the trinkets to Raven to assist in the next adventure that rests under the wing. 

Dragon and Raven… the Story Continues

As time as has passed, the growth met by these to creatures has grown. Dragon has learned to cherish love, to embrace the tenderness found therein. Raven has taken this time to realize that fear of any sort needs to be laid to rest, be willing to allow emotions to flow, call upon the higher self for guidance and welcome the changes it brings forth.

Both characters have indeed been very busy and the series is coming close to being wrapped up.