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Isabel Snail: A Tarot Life

This deck implores humor and captures a week of the unimaginable in American politics. Recently, it was exposed the extent the government would go into the dark.

Out of this darkness, Isabel Snail has re-emerged.

Empress Card from Isabel Snail: A Tarot Life

Ever vigilant figure, fighting for the wellbeing of those in her charge.

This deck certainly captures the range of emotions and turmoil not only in the political but also in the adventures of love, dance, and life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It is a crazy world, folks. Hold your ground, be safe, be well.



When the Goddess Answered. 

Dragon and Raven have found their life paths going off into two very separate, yet exciting paths. 

The Guardian Tree Goddess bringing back the trinkets to Raven to assist in the next adventure that rests under the wing. 

Dragon and Raven… the Story Continues

As time as has passed, the growth met by these to creatures has grown. Dragon has learned to cherish love, to embrace the tenderness found therein. Raven has taken this time to realize that fear of any sort needs to be laid to rest, be willing to allow emotions to flow, call upon the higher self for guidance and welcome the changes it brings forth.

Both characters have indeed been very busy and the series is coming close to being wrapped up.


While out wandering the streets of Larcana, Cyprus,  I clicked a photo of the mountains in the distance.  As I began painting and sharing the image among friends,  it was asked if there would be my signature Dragon within the image followed by another stating they could already find some hidden within the painting.  

I found Cyprus tucked away in the wheat field awaiting a message from Raven.  

The Dragons of London.

Recently, I have had the honor of travelling to London. During my time here, I have had a menagerie of dragon images run through my mind.  Armed with pen and paper they have seeped from my mind and onto the page before me. 

Each Dragon, like an Oracle, works to make the self realize what is really at work.  Inner desires and the deeper truths that if you truly want something, you will need to put in the effort towards your intent.  Nothing comes for free.

When the Subconscious Roars…Tameryn.

‚ÄčAs the final days of summer come to a close, darkness begins to envelop the days. Caressing at the subconscious, clawing at the deeper truths that once in the light of summer were able to be glossed over in a shimmer of sun light. 

As the pendulum of seasons swings back into the dark, that which has been pushed to the back of the mind can no longer be ignored. The ignored have felt the change of energy,  they strenthen under the growing night, they come roaring back. Tameryn.

Tameryn started simply as a dream. A dream that had sequential dreams that built into a timeline of events of it’s own. It resembled an entirely different life. A whole life, complete in every way which could only be visited during the night. To awake in the morning, back to reality, left a sense of inexplicit emptiness. 

Then came the moment when a whole life crossed into reality. Presented a new standard, a new desire, a new craving. It was beautiful, magical. Then, within a breath, it became a memory. A memory to be pressed to the dark recesses in an attempt to forget, to move on.

The Tameryn Lenormand waits within the dark recesses to confront the consciousness with honesty and clarity to the deeper truths.

Limited edition of 25, September 2016.

Copies and additional images may be found on Etsy,

Cherish… and Resurrection

1470856314716-1430203259Throughout many of my decks, there is a common thread that ties them together. They all have humble beginnings of a life event that causes a moment of pause, reflection as it processes.

Such events recently took hold this year when I met a person who indeed carries a Dragon energy about him.

It began with a dragon deck that had been singing at the back of my mind that came soaring out one evening.  After a divorce, relocating to a new state and starting over, I suddenly found that I missed someone I had just met. Let me be honest, I do not typically miss anyone, let alone someone I just happened cross in life.

The Dragon pushed into my psyche that there was a deeper grounding energy that I had been searching throughout life. It was not a locational place that grounds one, but an actual energy of another that is able to make one feel settled, secure.


The second deck came about when the inspiration of Resurrection spread his own wings and took flight to follow life long dreams. Indeed, a stressful, yet beautiful, moment to have been able to see dreams manifest into reality for another soul. 

“Cherish” is a collection of fragmented moments, lessons learned about life and new perspectives in general while knowing the Dragon.  


They are both available from my Etsy shop, limited editions.