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Ravyness Drakon…10 of Swords…

Ravyness met Drakon on a winter night, an agreement was made – to keep each other’s lives separate from intertwining beyond their quiet interactions.

Over time, Ravyness began to realize a peace, a calm that had not been present emerged, building, and settling around Ravyness like a well worn blanket before a fire. It had been a very long time since a sense of security around another soul had been a part of life.

One day Ravyness realized what it was, love. The agreement from that winter night resonated over and over again within the mind, binding chains around the beak, silencing Ravyness.

To speak the truth aloud, terrifying as the repercussions were unknown. So, Ravyness stayed quiet, watched Drakon fly away once again to the awaiting life.

The secret held safe for an eternity.


Sometimes it is best to keep your secrets, as painful as it can be to know you are on the losing end. Agree to lose gracefully and watch that which you love soar to new heights and success knowing that through your actions continually demonstrated love, they have exactly the confidence that nothing will ever hold them back from being all they ever dreamt.


Suspending Dreams: Changes Emerge..always

High School Basketball has just ended. We are in the playoffs as, I believe, league champions.

It occurred to me as I turned and looked at Coach “E” whom I have spent the past four months keeping the score book for him and his team, that it was officially over.

“I have no idea what I am going to do with myself, E.”

He just smiled, gave a hug, and thanked me once again for being there.

Feeling bittersweet swept through. I really enjoy these moments, they are another tribe that makes up the tapestry that is us.

I now find myself in a point of transition. An item was taken from my plate, I am now able to focus on other aspects again.

Like dance… and Ravyness Drakon… she has learned a lot of life lessons since she last emerged.

For the moment, I am celebrating closure, panic of another new chapter emerging.

Why panic? I find I am having a crisis as I can not figure out what style I want to go for or crowd.

In a very long time, I am undecided.

Suspending Dreams: How I got talked into Chaperoning a High School Dance.

“If you go, we’ll go.”

“Okay. But you really have to go if I am giving up dancing at a 1930’s Swing Ball.”

I had already been in the loop that a Sadie Hawkins Dance was of low numbers, the year before they did not even have 40 kids sign up. Trying to drum up some numbers, right?

“You’ll dance with us, right? We’ll go if you dance with us.”

See, earlier in the adventures of 7 seconds of brain break thus there is a vine of me doing a dance challenge (I added a princess wave to it, it was epic).

Said clip went viral around the school.

I told the students that I needed to have 200 signups by a certain date. Almost figuring that my 1930’s dress was waiting as well as my friends to cut the floor.

They all rechecked that yes, I would dance with them.

“Sure, but I need 200 students. Otherwise, I am not chaperoning.”

When I called the organizing teacher to throw my support in, they had 13 students.

At last count it was between 400 to 500 students planning to be there tonight. I doubt I had much to do with it other than keep reminding students to just get together with friends and go! Have fun.

There are times when you need to do what is right regardless of all else. As it turned out, I was the only teaching staff to chaperone.

I am left to ponder how does one get more teachers involved in school activities. We have a lot on our plates and need to balance our lives.

The rewards of this moment, the investment, is so very significant. Meaningful. Powerful.

Be mindful to be a part of those moments, it makes lives even better.

In a Nutshell: Art of Actualization

Recently, I have taken a step back to assess my direction and establish new yearly goals *before* winter soltice and New Year’s.

Goal setting and self actualization does work. I will caution everyone, it takes work.

You have to be persistent and accepting of the changes that come along. As ultimately, to have your life change… you *have* to change as well. No exceptions.

I first began working in visualization boards and images in tarot cards many years ago. Ultimately, projecting the mindfulness and abundance in life I would wish to every one.

In regards to myself, an interesting path emerges and is full of happy surprises and opportunities.

First, Adam McLean wrote to let me know he will be having an exhibition of my early work in tarot, looks like it will be in June. I plan to make my way to visit him in Scotland during this time.

Second, there is a lovely tarot event, Tarot Fest at the Castle in Switzerland, in June as well. Carrie Paris shared it out and wow, what an extraordinary event. Crossing fingers this plays out beautifully.

The Second Annual Light & Love Tarot Reading Festival in Montreal is confirmed, I shall be there in September to present and read cards for the evening. The photo is the general idea of the project.

I am working out to get back to Northwest Tarot Convention in March and RS19 in April.

Finally, I have a draft of a new deck which layers a love story into the tarot. Think of a graphic novel one could *read* that changes and modifies depending upon the layout of the cards.

It is going to be a busy year.

Good luck!

Opposition Composition

In conjunction to my work in tarot, I also am an art educator. This past week I presented a themed breadth piece, “Opposition Compositon.”

This shift of mindset created some in-depth discussions and moments of philosophy that even made me take a few steps back and reflect. Most specifically, it called to each of us to pull from the compositon (parts that make up a whole) of our life, our society, our nature and pinpoint, what of it do we reject, do we stand against?

I had set this lesson in motion roughly three weeks ago, unknowing the current political turmoil that would ensue the week we moved to this particular lesson.

I decided to strive and complete this assignment right along with the students.

The Tower Card with an adorable Quokka springing forth from all the hateful, malignant nature that has been emerging of late.

It is my sincerely hope that during this time of turmoil, healing can occur. Sadly, it is going to get worse before it gets better. Happily, it has already started.

Be well, be happy.

Just dance.

Celebrate every success, no matter the grandeur.


Slow and Steady

20180908_104641.jpgWords of wisdom from Isabel Snail.


Close your eyes, breath, allow your intuition to flourish while knowing the issue at hand may not have a direct point A to point B, simply trust it is going to be just fine.


This suggestion comes as I have spent the past 9 months running at full tilt with the proverbial rug being ripped out from under my feet with strick orders telling me to take it easy.  Put my feet up.  Relax. Chill. Things are going to be fine and sometimes, one simply needs to pull back and just be.

Even as I find myself trying to accomplish this goal, it is rather difficult.

I enjoy doing. I am goal oriented.  Sitting is passive and, seriously, it is stressful. My muscles are tense…or maybe I am becoming aware as to the stress that has been building over months and years.  Sitting and doing nothing is actually doing something.

It is allowing my body to ebb through these layers instead of masking over them by being in a constant state of doing.

If you have not taken time to sit back and breath, a mental health day… mayhap you take a day and do nothing.  The world will still move along and guess what?  You will be a better you.

Isabel Snail: A Tarot Life, Beth Seilonen, 2018